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Legion Property Inspections LLC is owned by a part time real estate investor, and we are always looking to earn your business.  Whether you are looking at a fix and flip property or a multifamily building, we are ready to provide our inspection services to help you determine proper valuation and necessary repairs.

Because we are committed to long term partnerships, we offer a 10% fee deduction after our first inspection with you.

When you hire an inspector from Legion Property Inspections, you get an honest evaluation without consideration of pressure from anyone involved in the process.

All of our full home inspections also come with a basic thermal inspection (which helps identify unseen problems in the walls, ceiling, etc).  These are frequently sold as a standalone service by others for $150+ while we include it at no cost to you.

Finally, all of our inspections are backed by our legendary 200% Guarantee*.  You can only win by getting an inspection with Legion Property Inspections.


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