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Legion Property Inspections can now offer full Health, Safety, and Energy Audits performed to the Building Performance Institute (BPI) standard.  This allows for detailed analysis of potential indoor air quality problems, hazardous conditions, and energy inefficient areas of the house.

Each inspection covers these three areas, and is usually done with a pre and post test (to test initial conditions and then verify the effects of any changes to the home after any upgrades are complete).



-Is carbon monoxide being back drafted into the living space?

-How is the indoor air quality of the house being affected by insulation, vents, and air leaks?


-Are there gas leaks in or around the house?

-Are appliances producing excess carbon monoxide?


-Where is air leakage occurring?

-Are old light bulbs wasting energy?

-Is insulation correctly installed and sufficient for the area?

-Are thermal barrier gaps pulling air into/out of the living space?

-Are old appliances being used that should be replaced?


When you hire an inspector from Legion Property Inspections, you get an honest evaluation without consideration of pressure from anyone involved in the process.

Finally, all of our inspections are backed by our legendary 200% Guarantee*.  You can only win by getting an inspection with Legion Property Inspections.


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